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Express DNA Worm Identification & Fluke Test

E-DNA Merchandiser

New DNA parasite management tool available now for farmers.

Leading Animal Health supplier, Merial Australia, in partnership with Veterinary Health Research (VHR) announce the release of a new worm identification test for farmers, to enable faster and more accurate identification and management of sheep roundworms.

Unlike conventional larval differentiation testing methods, the New Express DNA or E-DNA Worm Test detects which species of worms are present in a worm burden by looking for their DNA.

The E-DNA test allows the different species of sheep roundworms to be identified and their proportions calculated in a fraction of the time, and with improved accuracy, over traditional larval cultures. By measuring DNA, rather than relying on physical features of larvae to identify the worms present, the test also avoids the potential for misidentifying species, thus improving accuracy.

"We (VHR) see this DNA test as being the way of the future in terms of diagnosing internal parasite infections in livestock. By providing graziers with a complete and timely assessment of worm burdens they will now be able to respond to the results within a few days of sample collection" says Rad Nielsen, Production Animal Veterinarian at VHR Armidale, NSW.

Combined with a normal worm egg count, the E-DNA WORM TEST can detect all the major sheep roundworms: Barber's Pole Worm, Small Brown Stomach Worm, Stomach Hair & Black Scour Worm, Large Mouth Bowel Worm, Large Bowel Worm, Small Intestinal Worm, Thin Necked Intestinal Worm, and Whipworm.

Instead of waiting for around 7-10 days for a larval culture – the E-DNA Worm Test can deliver results in only 2-3 days.* This allows producers to respond to worm burdens more rapidly and accurately target the species that are present.

Identifying the worm species and numbers present in a mob is essential for making optimal decisions about when animals should be treated (if at all), and allows producers to design control programs, and use products, that will target the particular parasites that are present.

The E-DNA Test Kits are an important addition to the stable of parasite diagnostic tools made available to Australian farmers by MERIAL. Test Kits are available to farmers through leading rural resellers.

More Product Information

E-DNA End User Flyer
E-DNA Technical Flyer

*Typical number of business days for processing larval culture from receipt of sample at various laboratories compared with E-DNA test processing at VHR.